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Work Process

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We will discuss expectations to deliver our best services  that caters best to your needs.



We will provide a design template and finalise a design which will exceed your expectations.



Our interior design  ideas and materials will be presented to our clients.



Our interior designers will work on realising your desired design solution.

Hear from our clients

“We entrusted VNA Design with our kitchen renovation this time. 12 years ago, we had Tommy renovate our master bedroom bathroom and we are still happy with it so we decided to hire him again to work on our kitchen last year. He was accommodating and made sure that the renovation was well-done and the materials used are also of high quality. We are pleased with our new kitchen and highly recommend Tommy!"

Nora Othman

“Engaging Tommy to assist us in the renovation of our home was the best decision ever. From the start, Tommy was able to provide us with the most cost-efficient way as we had a tight budget to meet. Additionally, he was very transparent about his pricing, which was really a plus point. Whenever we had any questions about purchasing anything for the house, Tommy would always assist us and help us with it."

Tuan Yong Koh

“I received excellent service with quick follow-up, multiple choices, and assistance with the procurement of all accessories. Tommy helped me through a crucial time when renovations were required around the Chinese New Year holidays, and he delivered on time. I used his services previously in my condo for the gym and function room renovations, and the residents were very satisfied. I highly recommend VNA Design!"

Preetie Kohli
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